Sharing Stories and Light with Ashley Young

Sharing Stories and Light with Ashley Young

As you may have noticed- we have recently updated our website! If you have taken a look around, you have likely seen some images from our first professional photoshoot a few months ago. As we are growing so much with each passing season, we are continually blown away by the amazing people we come to know. This month, we want to share the story of the incredible person who was behind the camera of that shoot: Ashley Young.


Ashley Young is a Chicago based photographer specializing in creative portraits and editorial work. As an artist, Ashley is dedicated to using her work to empower others to see the good in themselves, as well as using her platform and voice to create positive change in her community. Ashley radiates kindness  and naturally sees the beauty in the world around her. Speaking with her and observing her work, it is clear to see that Ashley is a change maker on a path to create good in the world around her, which makes us thrilled to be telling her story as our “Story Worth Sharing” this month.

Ashley fell in love with photography in her senior year as a graphic design student at UIC back in 2017, as she took a photography class that allowed her to explore that part of her creative self while building her portfolio. While in that class, Ashley witnessed her professor’s joy for photography and was inspired to create that joy for herself and those around her.

Ashley is a deeply passionate, creative person; not only did she want to create beautiful images, but she also wanted to create an impact with the work she made. Having dealt with feelings of insecurity, feeling as though she was hiding the good parts of herself and focusing on that which was “bad”, Ashley created the My Good Side Project, a photography documentary using images and video interviews to showcase the “good” in great people. The project “aims to not only capture photographs, but to highlight the fact that there is good in everyone” (

Out of this project, Ashley was also able to start an extension aimed at helping others titled “Side Acts of Good” which aims to empower readers to activate the good inside themselves. Ashley is also deeply passionate about creating safe and supportive places for creative people, she has worked to create this space and has plans to continue this effort in the future. Other future goals of Ashley’s include expanding the My Good Side Project, and continuing to work with beautiful people and beautiful brands. In Ashley’s own beautiful words, she hopes to “put light in companies, and on people’s faces”.


We are honored to have been an organization touched by Ashley’s light, and could not be more proud to share her light with all of you.

If you are interested in following Ashley and getting to know her work
Her Instagram: @ashleyyoung_1
Her Website:

If you are interested in checking out the My Good Side Project
Instagram: @mygoodsideproject


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