Handmade in Colombia

Kawami Jewelry LLC

We inspire confidence by designing premier quality handmade earrings.

Our Product

Premier Quality. Handmade in Colombia. Hypoallergenic. Super Lightweight.

Our statement pieces are colorful, vibrant, bold, energetic, and innovative. We aspire to be the brand that is the main source of premier artistry wear because when you wear Kawami, you are wearing art.

Our Founders

Maria Clara and Marco Antonio met in college and decided to create Kawami during their sophomore year!

Kawami was the perfect opportunity to merge all of their passions; entrepreneurship, global impact, arts, communications, and much more.

Our Core Values

How we are making an impact:

1) The promotion and value of art.

2) The involvement and action towards sustainability/environmental care.

3) The encouragement and uplifting of people’s stories.


We focus on the logistics of creating, connecting, and distributing Kawami to the world

Become a Kawami Distributor

We love to connect with Boutiques, Apparel, Gift Shops, or any other kind of business to build awareness while creating a positive impact in the local community.