About Us

Hello! We are Kawami Jewelry! A jewelry company located in Chicago, Illinois. We focus on creating jewelry that is handwoven, beaded, and artisanal. Our production site is in Medellin, Colombia, and we bring our products to the United States to share the joy and happiness of this beautiful art and culture.

How Kawami was Born

Kawami Jewelry was born from an idea of two college students from Latin America who are crazy enough to want to change the world. After being exposed to the beautiful jewelry of Medellin, Colombia, they decided to collaborate with artists from Colombia to bring their art to the United States. In May 2019, they started out by creating an Instagram and setting up a few pieces. Quickly, they realized that they had an opportunity to create something bigger than themselves and have a bigger impact. In January 2020, Kawami Jewelry became an official LLC. Since, Kawami Jewelry has grown to be more than a jewelry company, but a platform for impact.

What our Name and Logo Stands for

Our logo is a Macaw, a majestic tropical bird that is loyal, playful, and extremely colorful! All of the things that Kawami Jewelry stands for. The Macaw became our official logo because it is one of our Co-Founder’s most favorite animals. When Kawami Jewelry was created, the Founders knew right away that these playful birds were perfect to embody our message. Our name Kawami was born from the word Macaw. By changing the order of syllables and some letters, we were left with a word that now represents a community of people who are empowered and ready to take the world!

Our Mission

"We enhance the confidence and beauty of people, while promoting art value."

Our Vision

We are not only building a jewelry brand, we are building a platform that acts as a catalyst for all around impact.
Here at Kawami Jewelry, we operate under four main columns: the promotion and value of art, the involvement and action towards sustainability/environmental care, the encouragement and uplifting of people’s stories from diverse backgrounds, and overall social impact by partnering and working with organizations as well as implementing valuable working environments for our team members.
We believe that it is not okay to stay silent, we must speak up to what we believe in and what we are willing to fight for. Are you ready to create some IMPACT with us?

Our Founders

The Founders of Kawami Jewelry would like to thank you for being here as a part of our community. Both from Latin America, they traveled to the United States for similar reasons: to seek out opportunities that the world has to offer to the fullest. They met in college and decided to create Kawami Jewelry as it is the perfect combination of both of their passions: entrepreneurship, global impact, and the arts. They both know that they are still very young and that there are countless adventures left for them to experience, join them as they take Kawami Jewelry on this beautiful journey!