Drawing Her Own Future with Jasmine Pomierski

Drawing Her Own Future with Jasmine Pomierski

            After being given the opportunity to be a part of a fashion show event a few months ago, we set out to look for a graphic designer to design a set of boxes for our jewelry. This search would ultimately connect us with Jasmine Pomierski, a graphic designer and illustrator who was additionally a fellow student at North Central College. Through connecting with Jasmine on this project, not only did we fall in love with her work, but the kindness, grace, and compassion she demonstrates as she interacts with the world around her. It was these qualities that inspired us to share her story as our “Story Worth Sharing” this month!

Jasmine, originally from Yorkville, Illinois, is currently entering her Senior year at North Central College with a major in graphic design and a minor in studio art. She specializes in illustrations with paint or digital media and works doing commissions and selling other original work on Instagram, Etsy,  and her website.

For as long as Jasmine can remember, she has loved creating art. As a kid, she would create and illustrate story books, whenever she found herself in a free moment, she would be doodling. Jasmine has always known she was destined to do something with her passion for art and design professionally. Jasmine’s childhood dream was to be an illustrator for children’s books.

When Jasmine entered high school, she found her hobby of art becoming a greater and greater part of her life. She started feeling drawn towards painting and doing calligraphy and even started selling handmade greeting cards on Etsy. For the first time, her passion was starting to become her business, but she was now approaching college, and knew that it was time to start thinking seriously about what she wanted to do as her career. Facing some of her own anxiety as well as simply not knowing what one could really do as a career in art and design, she decided she was going to be an art teacher.

But soon, Jasmine discovered graphic design. She started doing some of her own research and eventually found that she had fallen in love with it. She entered college as a graphic design major and has only fallen deeper in love since. As Jasmine has progressed, she has fallen back into her old dream of being a children’s book illustrator. Now, she hopes to someday work as a freelance illustrator for an illustration agency.

Having the chance to chat with Jasmine about her journey, we asked her if she had any advice for other young artists or entrepreneurs who are earlier along on their journey of establishing themselves as creative professionals. Jasmine shared with us 4 key ideas:

  •  Don’t settle- Jasmine’s advice is to always go for your goals, if you have always wanted to be an illustrator, go be an illustrator! Don’t just settle for something that is easy or clean-cut. This also goes for acknowledging your own worth in setting prices and asking for what you need as a young entrepreneur. Ask for what you are worth!
  • Research Research Research!- Jasmine is a huge advocate for continued and consistent learning, often sitting down and researching all the questions she has about art and working as an illustrator. She also emphasizes the importance of finding others and work that inspires you. Jasmine primarily does this on Pinterest and Instagram, often keeping collections of work she loves to use as inspiration for future projects. Some of the artists Jasmine loves to follow on Instagram include but are not limited to:
    • Yas Imamura
    • Rebecca Green
    • Lousise Gouet
    • Kate Pugsley
    • Clover Robin
    • She is also inspired by Claude Monet, Auguste Renoir, and Edgar Degas.
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself- “You’re not going to find your style or figure everything out right away. Even I'm still working on that and struggle with that a lot. One minute I have this burst of motivation, and the next day I’m hating what I just created. But you have to remind yourself not everything comes easy and you’re doing great with how far you’ve come.”
  • Reach out for Advice- Some of Jasmine’s greatest experiences and lessons in being an artist have come from her teachers and mentors. She shared that whenever she is unsure of something, she will reach out to teachers or even artists on Instagram who she admires and asks for advice. The worst thing that can happen is that you might not get a response, so there is no reason not to try and ask!

      Jasmine recognizes that she still has a lot of growing to do, acknowledging that these reminders for younger artists are also from time to time important reminders for herself as well. But with that, Jasmine also reflects on the ways she has grown to become more assured in her own abilities, as well as her worth as an entrepreneur.

      As Jasmine continues to grow, we cannot wait to see the incredible things she does, and the lives she will touch along the way!

      As we connected with Jasmine to commission her to design our boxes for the fashion show, we were blown away by her details and unique illustration style. When given the chance to chat with her about it, Jasmine shared that when designing the boxes for Kawami, she was inspired to use bright colors, reflective of the confidence and empowerment she sees Kawami fostering within our community.

      She shared that by using many different colors, she demonstrated the individuality within this community, and how together, we all create something so beautiful. Jasmine also shared a lovely thought, that her hand painted boxes demonstrated Kawami’s same appreciation for the craft of the jewelry we sell. Being able to connect with Jasmine, seeing the way that Kawami has empowered her, and being able to witness her creative response to our business was so inspiring for us, and an experience that we will cherish forever; It is individuals like Jasmine that remind us of the beauty of this community. 

      If you are interested in following Jasmine’s story and seeing her work, you can follow her on Instagram at @jasminepomierski.art! You can also follow her YouTube channel Or check out her website.

      If you are interested in purchasing art, you can either check out her Etsy page at JasminePomierskiART, or you can direct message her on Instagram if you are interested in a custom commission or print of something from her Instagram page!

      With Love,
      Kawami Jewelry

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