Empowerment to Change Things with Grace Nelles

Empowerment to Change Things with Grace Nelles

Welcome to Season 2 of Stories Worth Sharing! We are honored to be back sharing these stories with you all, this is Grace Nelles.

Grace Nelles is a senior at North Central College Studying Environmental Science with minors in writing and business. She is an environmental educator and conservationist, great friend, talented musician, and all-around excellent human being.

Growing up just outside of Madison, Wisconsin, Grace grew up with a deep appreciation for the beauty of the natural world. After taking an Environmental Science class in high school, she came to recognize the dire need for conservation. Coming to college, she knew that conservation work was her calling.

Grace has worked extensively in political spaces, interning with several state and federal representatives advocating for conservation legislation. She has worked on campus supporting sustainability efforts and attended trainings in climate activism.

This summer, however, Grace’s conservation work took her over 1,500 miles across the country, to a small island off the coast of California where she would discover her next avenue of impact; educating young people.

Working as an Environmentalist at Catalina Island Camps, Grace discovered her passion for environmental education, especially with young people. She was able to teach students about the importance of conservation while surrounded by the nature they were fighting to protect. Grace believes that working to educate young people is the investment we make in the future of human experience. Reflecting on her work, she explained to me “I am just one person, but if I can inspire others to ‘join the cause’ to protect the environment, then I will have served my purpose”.

Grace has been a member of our Kawami community since the beginning. When I asked her about what it means to her, she said “Empowerment”.

Grace shared that she wears her Kawami earrings whenever she has a big job interview, “Every job interview, every date, every big event or presentation…this is beautiful, handmade artwork that changes the way you feel. It makes you feel capable of conquering whatever you have to do that day.”

For someone who has committed themself to such important work, we are proud to provide her with the empowerment to take it on. Thanks for being a part of our Kawami community, Grace. We cannot wait to see what impact you will make next.

If you are interested in following Grace’s work, you can follow her on Instagram at @gracenelles.

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