Empathy and Empowerment with Elizabeth Nevarez

Empathy and Empowerment with Elizabeth Nevarez

When we first began Stories Worth Sharing a few months ago, we set out to uplift and amplify the individuals who we felt truly reflected the values and spirit of Kawami Jewelry. Never has this been so true than with this month’s Stories Worth Sharing feature; Elizabeth Nevarez.

Photography credits to Todd Comeau (@todd_comeau_photog on Instagram)

Elizabeth Nevarez is a student, model, and advocate. We had the honor of meeting as a part of the PAVE fashion show earlier this year. When we met Elizabeth, we were absolutely blown away by her kindness, intentionality and humility in the way she lives and interacts with others. Through our conversations, we learned that just as we were at the event being completely new to this type of experience, so was Elizabeth- the PAVE fashion show was Elizabeth’s first modeling opportunity. We saw this amazing woman, who was so passionate about uplifting and empowering others, just setting out on a new adventure, and saw everything we hope Kawami to be. Elizabeth embodies the essence of Kawami, and we could not be more excited to share her story.

Growing up, Elizabeth didn’t always feel seen or understood, but was lifted by the other characters in her story. In her younger years in a single parent household with her mom, Elizabeth looked to the way her mom cared so much and stood up for those she loved and developed a strong heart for women’s empowerment. She considers her mom one of her biggest inspirations. As she currently works as a model, she again has been lifted by the strong women around her who have taught her important lessons about protecting herself and other women. When Elizabeth started attending a church group in middle school, she was surrounded by individuals who lifted her and poured love into her. This community lifted her up and made her feel known and loved in a way she never had known before. It is because of this experience that she decided to dedicate her life to pouring that same love and understanding into others.

At the core of Elizabeth’s story, is empathy. Elizabeth talks about empathy the way a professional athlete talks about their sport. She truly believes in the power of empathy to change lives, as she, herself is a case study in the power that feeling seen has on changing people’s hearts.

From just our conversation for this feature it is apparent the way Elizabeth is changing lives around. We are so proud to have her as a part of our community here at Kawami, and are honored to share her story with you. 

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Photo Credits:
Top Left: Todd Comeau (@todd_comeau_photog on Instagram)
Middle Right: Roland Lim and Creative Director Deetra Johnson (@rlimphoto and @devious_diva_beauty on Instagram). iMirage Magazine (@imiragemagazine)
Bottom Left: Ashley Young (@ashxbrand on Instagram) for Kawami Jewelry 

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