About Impact

We are not only building a jewelry brand, we are building a platform that acts as catalyst for all around impact.
Here at Kawami Jewelry, we operate under four main columns: the promotion and value of art, the involvement and action towards sustainability/environmental care, the encouragement and uplifting of people’s stories from diverse backgrounds, and overall social impact by partnering and working with organizations as well as implementing valuable working environments for our team members. IMPACT is our department dedicated just to these four columns and the one that creates a bigger sense to our brand.
We believe that it is not okay to stay silent, we must speak up to what we believe in and what we are willing to fight for. Are you ready to create some IMPACT with us?  

Stories Worth Sharing

Stories Worth Sharing is our first project where we highlight stories of the members of our #KawamiFam. The theme of these stories ranges from person to person, but our goal with this platform is to create a catalyst of positivity to show you how much good there is in the world. Every single person that you will read about in this project will have some sort of connection to Kawami Jewelry, as they have all created a positive impact on us and changed our world. 


At Kawami Jewelry, sustainability and the protection of our planet is something that is a top priority. We are constantly looking for ways in which we can magnify our impact while reducing our footprint on the planet. Our packaging is one of our ways to resemble that. Simple without extra waste created.
We have a compromise with the earth and all the living being inside it. We will keep updating our sustainability efforts. Getting better every time. 

Ethics & Values

Kawami Jewelry was built from a humanistic perspective; handmade jewelry is an art, and art should not be depreciated. Since then, our company has been driven by three important values:
Integrity, Passion, Support.
These values have allowed us to build amazing partnerships and to be part of a community of creators which then inspires growth and opportunities to everyone that is involved.