About Us


The proud founders of Kawami Jewelry LLC. Both originally from Latin America, they met in College and great things have been built since then.

Kawami Jewelry LLC. was built with a humanistic perspective; while enhancing the confidence and beauty of people, our mission is to create fair wages, fair jobs, and fair trade with the families that dedicate themselves to the art of doing handmade earrings. We plan to do this by paying the right prices to the men and women who put countless hours of work into creating the pieces that you see on this page!   

We believe handmade jewelry is an art, and it should not be depreciated. 

Our production company is in Medellin, Colombia where all our products are made. Now, we are on the search of finding more countries and places so that we can continue to share the beauty of handmade jewelry.

Kawami Jewelry LLC - Established MMXX