Edelweiss (Grad 2021)
Edelweiss (Grad 2021)
Edelweiss (Grad 2021)
Edelweiss (Grad 2021)
Edelweiss (Grad 2021)
Edelweiss (Grad 2021)

Edelweiss (Grad 2021)

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Kawami is graduating! To celebrate, we have created the Limited Edition Edelweiss earrings for the class of 2021.

With a set of 7 beads, a contemporary 2021 engraved stud post, and a triangle style frame made out of brass metals covered in a hypoallergenic gold shower. We want to represent the steps towards your goals and every challenge you overcame in the past years. Edelweiss means courage and devotion; while wearing these earrings on your graduation day or any other day in the future, we want you to remember one thing: Keep being passionate!

Limited to 400 pieces. These are all pre-orders with an estimated date of arrival of May 1st, 2021. If you need any other information please contact us

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